There are many people who have an interest in learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but never start training because they believe they would have to compete or become a fighter. Although competing can offer great benefits, the reality is most Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners across the world do not compete or have intentions on becoming the next Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter. Our martial art at its core is self-defense, thus most practitioners who pursue Jiu Jitsu train for self-defense, not to compete or fight. When you try our class out, I’m sure you will find yourself amongst many other students who are in it for the very same reasons as you. The atmosphere is very positive and very beginner friendly. If the interest grows beyond just practicing at during the classes, then competition training is also available.

Rener Gracie, grandson of the legendary Helio Gracie, talks about how if you don’t consider yourself a fighter or do not like fighting at all, then Jiu Jitsu is a super important art to learn! It is important to be ready for any self-defense situation to protect yourself and the lives of those you love. Whether you need to contain a dangerous situation on the street or control a drunk family member at a party, many situations can be diffused through use of “the gentle art” so that everybody involved, including your opponent, can remain unharmed. For those people that claim to be “lovers not fighters”, the control aspect of Jiu Jitsu is something very unique to the art which allows you to defend yourself and others in a variety of situations in the most loving way possible. Learn more a about our classes for beginners.

The very best thing to do if you have ever desired to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or wanted to learn some self-defense is to just try a free class. When you do trial class, the mystery of what it’s all about can be uncovered and you will realize how welcoming Gracie Barra schools are. Too often, we cut our opportunities short because of inaccurate notions or stereotypes. At our school for example, we have people from all walks of life: teachers, parents, police officers, professionals in the medical field, students, and many more. Our adults range in age from teenagers all the way up to 60 years old. Programs and classes are geared to teach the highest level of Jiu-Jitsu while maintaining a safe environment and keeping in mind that everyone has to go back to work or school the following day. Learn more about our classes for beginners.