Why Individual Sports?

Numerous studies have shown that involvement in physical activities benefits growth and development in a child. Many kids are not suited or desire to be quarterbacks on the football field, pitchers on the mound, or captain of the volleyball team. Martial arts has proven to be a great way for shy children, less athletic children, or children with limited attention spans to participate in real physical activities and challenges.  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers training that is fun, challenging, and inviting in nature. For kids that have shied away from team sports due to bad experiences or bad coaching, martial arts offers benefits and challenges that traditional team sports offer. Children at our school learn skills to overcome adversity, interact, communicate with peers, and push beyond their current limits. We focus on instilling our students with discipline, self-defense skills, confidence, and fitness using martial arts as the basis for the curriculum.  This will challenge your child both mentally and physically, and nurture their fighting spirit!

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the ideal martial art for children because it utilizes superior positioning and leverage to minimize the amount of violent force, compared to striking as a first instinct. Striking as a primary means for self-defense can result in a well-meaning child going overboard and being viewed as mutually involved in a fight due to many school’s zero tolerance policies. For example, one situation where your child cannot flee an alteration is when being held in a “school yard” choke, which can easily be countered by a simple grappling technique that sends strong message to potential bullies and leaves the attacker humbled, but unharmed. Our instruction focuses also focuses on social skills by teaching the importance of immediately telling a bully their behavior in unwanted.

Importance of a Developed Program

Many kids martial arts programs are great because they are a fun way to learn self-defense, build character, and improve fitness. However, programs without multiple levels to challenge children to reach their full potential often result in:

  1. Leaving for a more established school
  2. Quiting to pursue mainstream sports through the city, private clubs, or scholastic athletics

We offer 4 levels of classes across 2 ages group to separately focus on basics, advanced instruction, and optional competition training. Special events including Ninja Nights and a summer day camp are also offered. Learn more


  • Increased Discipline and Focus
  • Increased Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying Techniques
  • Improved grades and performance at school
  • Participation in competitions and tournaments (optional)


Ninja Night

Highlight video from our special Halloween Kid’s Ninja Night.


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