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Interview: IBJJF White Belt World Champion Martin Gonzalez

Me being addicted to video games all my life, I would be working in an office environment staring at a screen all day and just come home and stare at more screens all day, and I thought that was stress relief but really it almost builds my anxiety even more and my body was [...]

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Why Should I Enroll My Children in Jiu Jitsu Over Other Martial Arts?

This is something parents will often research the most beneficial style when looking for a martial art to enroll their kids in.  The answer can be very long, especially when trying to consider all the benefits other martial arts bring.  The simplest way for us to answer this question without overgeneralizing can be done [...]

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt Guide

Gracie Barra Garden Grove follows all standards and benchmarks for belt promotion through the system created by the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF). To read more about the IBJJF graduation system, visit There are two types of promotion a practitioner can receive, stripes and belts. Stripes are a way to motivate a [...]

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Hygiene Guide for Jiu Jitsu Athletes

While addressing hygiene issues might stink, it’s a crucial part of safety in martial arts. Here are several guidelines to keep our academy sanitary and members healthy: Wash all equipment after every class. This includes, but is not limited to your kimono, rash guard, shorts, and other protective gear. Besides the obvious benefit of [...]

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Studying Krav Maga in Orange County vs Other Types of Martial Arts

If you’re looking to train martial arts in Orange County, there are several considerations you must take before stepping on the mat. Knowing about the strengths of different martial arts and what will best suit your needs is the first step towards beginning this journey. Taekwondo is sport or tournament focused with its lightning [...]

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Top Jiu Jitsu Tournaments in Orange County

Dream In just a few years, Dream Tournaments have established themselves as a top circuit for kid’s competitions boasting 4 to 5 tournaments per year only dedicated for kids, seeing over 100 different teams attending from all over the country.  They have separated themselves with unique themes that varies from Harry Potter, to Star [...]

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Professor Alex’s Favorite Things To Do In Orange County

Gracie Barra Garden Grove is very appreciative of the support received over the years, so we want to show our support for other small, local businesses by sharing Professor Alex D’Hue's favorite things to do in Orange County, California. Surfing at Bolsa Chica State Beach Surfing is one of Professor Alex’s main passions outside of [...]

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Introducing The GB Leadership Scholarship

Gracie Barra Garden Grove is proud to announce the GB Leadership Scholarship that is awarded to help recipients in need, who show dedication and character to potentially better others through leading by example. Our pledge is to give back as we grow by offering an amount of scholarships that total 5% of our student base. We believe [...]

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